At thyssenkrupp we have faced many challenges and continue to take on new ones. Currently the biggest transformation in our company's history. We are taking this journey step by step and with a strong attitude, as #GENERATIONTK. Yes, we are making progress. But there is still a lot to do. 

So we continue to get things done. Develop ourselves. Improve ourselves. Look ahead. Because standing still is moving backward. Let's move toward change. Not just as colleagues, but as a team. Determined to do our best. For thyssenkrupp, but also for ourselves. In doing so, we are connected by exciting and important projects, experiences and stories. With diverse businesses all over the world. This is us – the #GENERATIONTK.

This is us

It is our common goal to become better. With a strong attitude - honestly and above all credibly as #GENERATIONTK. In doing so, we take action, everywhere and in all businesses.

Oliver Burkhard
Chief Human Resources Officer thyssenkrupp AG
One #GENERATIONTK - many perspectives. What makes us different?

We are all part of the #GENERATIONTK and yet each of us experiences it individually. We want to know: What do you associate with the #GENERATIONTK? Let's have a look, click through and find the slogan that suits you best!

Rearranging? This is what we do.

Who we are

No room for outdated thinking: Time for clear processes and structures. Just because something “has always been done that way” at thyssenkrupp, doesn’t mean, we can’t do it better. Faster, simpler and more agile! Time to clear our heads to create space for fresh thinking and new ideas. A challenge for the whole #GENERATIONTK.

Innovative? Naturally!

Our mission statement

We continue to pave the way for future success stories in various engineering fields, ranging from chemical, automotive, refinery or coking plants to other industrial facilities. Every day, develop new concepts that give our client’s products the market debut they deserve. Our customized digital solutions enable, among others, groundbreaking automatization, complete supply chains and much more. Together, we're starting new successful chapters – and moving forward full of innovative technologies, passion and a winning team spirit. We are on the right track to make thyssenkrupp successful again.

You are part of the #GENERATIONTK - Show it to us.

How it works? Quite simple. Click here and you will get to the #GENERATIONTK photo filter. Choose an existing photo of yourself or take a new one. Afterwards you can edit and save the photo. So let’s get started!

Let's go

#GENERATIONTK Photo Challenge – Thanks for your awesome photos!

Many colleagues created their own photo with the #GENERATIONTK photo filter as part of the employer campaign launched in May. We received many great submissions many thanks to all participants!

Standing still is moving backward. Let's move toward change.

Be part of it. Let's get things done together!

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